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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 10 pi
The shipping was very fast (arrived in less than two weeks). The product was very well packaged and arrived undamaged. After getting a proper SD card (16GB was enough for me), I successfully managed to install the (Armbian) Linux OS on the board. It has been running for several days for now without notable issues. I suggest to buy a small heatsink for the CPU since it gets quite hot and may cause thermal throttling (CPU lowers it's operating frequency to prevent heat production / damage on the CPU). All in all I'm very satisfied with this product. Very cheap, handy little embedded Linux board for home projects.
Product was send very quickly to the Netherlands. I am satisfied, but HDMI cable didn't work wich was no problem for me (I had a couple of cables at home :-) )
Great. Came wicked fast. Easy to assemble, works good for what I need. I got v1.5 of the board. It doesn't seem to have the issue with reporting wrong temperatures like v1.4 did.
Can not be powered via the USB Port, external power supply is required. Processor runs VERY hot, I would recommend getting a heatsink and fan. Board can be used without extra SD card, but the card is still required to flash a different operating system on the internal storage! (came with Android 4.4 pre-installed).
Package arrived quite fast. Case and cable good quality, the motherboard is suffering from very bad support. The seller was trying to help me but I had a problem that the Ubuntu distribution was not recognizing the monitor... I was not sure if was a problem of the motherboard. It was enough to change to Armbian. Also, the OTG port is not working as USB... based on the feedback of the seller, it must be there only to power the mainboard... Tested with a wireless Logitech K400 Plus (wireless keyboard and mousepad in one device) and its working fine. At least, even with only 1 usb, I can use keyboard and mouse. => Dont install the Ubuntu distro from Orange Pi website because it's half in chinese and half in english! Better Armbian.