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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 100w لوحة
Test show output of 76-82 Watt with installed standard Controller that follows the Panel, but when changed to an MPPT controller VICTRON 75/10 output increases to 98-105 Watt, quite good. Panels are robust, but legs are quite bad and its only a matter of time before they brake. It would have been nice with some kind of protection bag for transportation and more robust legs.
The panels were securely protected and well packed. Delivered in the Netherlands within 3 days of dispatch from Germany. That is speedy enough. Only sad that I could not order 160W panels (only 100W), I would have preferred the 160W. So there is room for improvement.
Great and reliable seller. 3 days from placing the order to deliver it in BG and more 3 days to ship it to my address. It was shipped by Speedy without extra feed for shipping. With the use of a cash back app I got $9 back from a $113 order. All cost me around 176 BGN and I saved about 50 BGN by ordering the panel from this seller and not from others from my country.