Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 100w panel
Test show output of 76-82 Watt with installed standard Controller that follows the Panel, but when changed to an MPPT controller VICTRON 75/10 output increases to 98-105 Watt, quite good. Panels are robust, but legs are quite bad and its only a matter of time before they brake. It would have been nice with some kind of protection bag for transportation and more robust legs.
Item as described but could have been packaged better, one of the panels has broken pins where the connector box is soldered on. I have to pay to have this fixed, and if it had a layer of foam like the other side did it would have been avoided.
seller took 25+ days to even send(fake tracking number provided before this) then tried blame delivery delay on everything else. it's a shame because the trade and communication started off very good. in general the panels seem ok but there are a few patches that are not as tidy or well made as they should be.