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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 12v 6a power supply
I haven't tested the power supply yet but it seems to be quite good quality. The only thing I have noticed on my inspection of the unit when it arrived is that the cover over the screw terminals is difficult to open as it hits the metal cover when opened.
Very good. Can output up to 6.3V, down to about 4.5V. The voltage drops very little when loaded with 4A at 6.3V, less than 1%. Have not tested long time. Delivery 17 days from order.
Perfect condition although it was packed in a bubble bag only. Accurate description but i did not test it yet. I recommend buying it if you need something good and quite fast shipping, to Romania it took 2 to 3 weeks also the seller is open for special requests. Thank you!!!
Open circuit voltage is around 5.6V. With a load of around .7A the voltage is around 5.4V. Haven't tested a larger load yet but feels heavy duty with nice thick cords.
48V/5A model: OK at 2 A, gets toasty at 3A. PCB has a 48V fan connector. Added 60mm/12V/0.13A fan and a cheap LM2596HVS buck module. Hottest spot is now 45C at 3.5A.