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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 1800w
The battery is working properly with my 48v 1000W kit , I'll need to test it quite some time to know if the power is around 20Ah. I just had different connetors with my controller so I had to change them , no big deal . The seller gave me 2 pairs of connectors for free. I recommend him
Product descirbed well, all according to manufacturers specification. No issues! Good contact with seller, I am ready to make next purchase. Shipment could be maybe a few days earlier, but no isssues here as it arrived to me in 4 weeks.
I got what I ordered and it looks very nice I only had a little bit of a hard time tracking the order I think if it was not so much money I might not have been as concerned about not being able to track the Battery I will say that so far so good it is putting out the volts and amps they said it would and compared to other Batteries I looked at with the same specs it cost less so for a Good looking Battery that does what it is supposed to at a good price then this is the Battery for you
Product according to the description, neat packaging and hyper-rigorous seller with very competitive prices (the cheapest I found on aliexpress for my personal purchase). Seller very attentive to his customers. He has the concern to do well and to satisfy the clientele at best; Quickly answer all my questions and always available. You can buy the closed eyes, this seller is what is more serious.
Everything on pictures is exactly as it arrived. I ordered two different color for small and big wheels, and the greens are fantastic. Both colors are like in the pictures as well. The skate is working great, still need to be used to motorized skating, but it seems fun. Excellent response from the seller. Quick sending and fair delivery! The price on the site was exactly the only expense for buying! No additional transportation costs, no TAX, noVAT, no Customs passing here in EU. Arrived with UPS ground and was delivered at my door. Still from China to Europe required 14 days, so from order to delivery it took 20 days.