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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2 bundle with closure
This hair was very soft and arrived in a timely manner. It was ordered on Wednesday and I received it first thing Monday. The shipper stayed in constant communication with me during the shipping process. So far there has been no shedding from the bundles.
This hair is amazing! It’s very silky and soft and the frontal came pre plucked, exactly like what was advertised. Carla from customer service is very nice and friendly. I will definitely be buying more hair from this company.
Very nice texture of hair the bundles are really thick and full they shipped it really fast . It only took about three days it was very fast and Abby communicated with me through the whole process they even got it shipped faster I needed the hair for the 4th of July and they got it here very fast on July 2 I will be shopping with them again
Very soft and lovely dark brown BEAUTIFUL hair. Can’t wait 2 put it in!! And .....I’m very happy with my gift!!!! A Haircap!!! So thoughtful and useable!!!....Very Happy...Lots of greeting from AMSTERDAM....Communication very good and kind.
So I ordered this hair Friday 7/19 and received hair today Monda 7/23...seller communication was amazing and the hair feels really soft. I will do a follow up after installation and another review in about two weeks. Thanks Friend !!!