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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2ds xl protect screen
These screen protectors are very good and they fit perfectly to the upper and lower screen of the new 2ds xl. I recommend everyone to use an older credit/debit card to quickly flatten air bubbles that are formed during installation. Best regards
It is a great case with 8 cartridge slots (which are made of elastic bands so any ds cartridge can fit in in). My 2ds xl fits in just nice and it is secured in the case with two elastic bands. It also came with a pen like stylus for actual adult hands, two screen proctectors and wipes for cleaning you DS' screens before applying the protectors. I am really in love with this pack. It also came super fast! Thanks a lot!
Great product, looks same as in the pictures. The only con I found was a chemical smell that I hope will go away eventually and the stylus that had sharp edge at the end that I had to brush with the sand paper. Anyway great product for the price.
The grip fits perfectly but the console can't be closed completely when it's inside. Seems like it's enough to trigger the sleep mode so it doesn't matter that much, as long as you don't transport it like that.
I got this for my 2ds xl. As always, I was a little sceptical when something is cheap but it looks great. Arrived a lot quicker than it said. Works just fine. I can't complain at all. Very happy with this order!