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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 short bob human lace wig
I contacted their customer service and they were so quick to respond and pleasant!!! When I ordered the wig I wanted it smaller and with a darker lace. Because it would take too long for me to get the smaller wig and different lace I decided to keep the wig. When I tried it on it was just fine because I could adjust the straps. This wig is amazing and even better due to the price!! Full lace wig and the hair curls so nicely and there is very minimal shedding. I wish I ordered one that was a few inches longer but that’s just for me. Nothing about the product. I would do business with them in a heartbeat!
I love it! The packaging was nice to start off with. And the hair did not have any smell to it. When I washed it, the pattern was extremely beautiful and did not shed or tangle. It straightens beautifully. If you’re going to purchase this, you must know how to make it look natural to prevent the wiggy look. Everyone thought it was my real hair. Even after a few days, you would be able to tell if the hair isn’t good, but I still haven’t had any issues. I hope this review helps someone in the buying process!
I got the wig earlier than the estimated delivery time. It's a beautiful wig. it's soft, no shedding and feels like real hair.I might cut it an inch and a half shorter though. I just wore it with the lace uncut and showed it to my friend. She was ecstatic. She said it fits me and looks beautiful on me. I am looking forward to wearing the wig already!