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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 5v اللاسلكية التحكم عن بعد التبديل
Upon opening the product I was deeply impressed by the quality of the products. The V1 LED controller supports a large range of voltage and wattage inputs, the instructions printed on the device are very to understand and it's extremely easy to hookup the dimmer to your pre-existing lights. The RT1 remote controller is absolutely wonderful not only does it feel great in your hand it has lots of useful and quick functions. Using the pre-configured sun icon buttons you can quickly go from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% power. If you want to go lower you can use the wheel or the S buttons as these seem to be pre-programmed below 25%. Personally I won't be using the WIFI APP but for some customers it should be noted that the instructions are very vague about the remote APP on iOS/Android, it says you need the WIFI relay controller and no other information is provided. I'm delighted with my purchase and recommend this product.