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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 6 inch screen new phone
I just received the product so I will test it in the next few days to see if all works well, but it seems all good to me so far, packaged well presented, with 3 phone cases! And I received my delivery in 5 days! However careful I had to pay extra cost for customs clearance from China to Canada.
as nice as all the previous ones i've already bought. but the very first one, in use since last friday, is already giving problems. it jumps from one screen to another, and no way to stop it. so now i am very worried about the correct function of the others i've bought for friends. a bit dissapointed. wish to know what to do and where to contact for technical support and advice.
smartphone fully corresponds to the description, everything works, not the first time I order from this seller, sent the next day after payment, as a gift adapter to the charger and a film on the screen