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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 7 bow headwear
I used this bow tie as the bow for the "Baby Boy Hamper". I just filled a box with a ten dollar pack of nappies...wrapped the entire bundle with a $2 roll of blue stripped cello wrap.... added a $2 balloon on top and then tied to top with the 8 inch hair bow...and bamm!!!.... A very large cheap gift for a friends new baby!!!! Cheers from Australia.
Awesome cheap product for gift hampers and presents. Once the gift has been opened, you can then tell the recipients they can use it as their daughters hair tie!!!!..... Very multi functional indeed!!! Cheers from Australia. I'll add some pictures once I've used this particular colour. I think I'll use this bow to tie up another Gift Hamper.
Adorable ribbon. I ordered June 7th. They shipped June 27th and it arrived here to USA July 23rd. That is a very long time to wait. I hope future shipments arrive much quicker.