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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 8pin gpu
I believe it should be more clear that it is one piece only and not written 10 pcs terminal pins.. it is misleading since someone could understand that seller sells 10 pieces.... also very expensive post for one piece only... sorry i have to give you only 4 stars since i believe you should change your advertisement.... but i liked your package....
Satisfied with the product, he took few extra days to ship but reached on time. I wish there was 4 combs instead of three in wires they would have helped me in managing them more easily. Also there is some flex in cables, like some difference in length but its not a big issue, it can be managed. Extra combos that I bought are hard plastic you can't cut them and clip them on your cables. I bought , 2x 6+2 pci-e cables for graphic card, 1x 24 pin cable and 2x 16 pin combs