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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for a6500
Quality stub. Great for Sony ILCA 772M. Holds tight, is invested with a little effort. The packaging is reliable. There is a certificate of conformity. Only not Sony, I did not understand.
Delivery was very fast - 2 weeks to Moscow. It fits a6300 as a glove and attaches very firmly. The only drawback of such visors is that you cannot put them on and take them off every other time - it's more or less a permanent decision. So, in case you are using a gimbal, you pretty much can't use it along with this hood because of the rear motor. But the visor itself is very good and I recommend it as well as the seller.
For the price it's an awesome built lens,i could recommend for any one who starting with new apsc sony mirrorless cameras.bokhe is very shallow and nice.manual focusing is very smooth and aperture ring also nice. f2.8 onwards you will get better result.