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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for adapter xh
When ordering the goods, it was not my fault that the system error occurred. When I prepared everything and had to pay to pay I did and I pressed to pay - the system said the payment was not completed and offered to try again I repeated the click to pay and again the error - I wrote the payment is not done. When I went to look at the bank card the amount was withdrawn - yes the amount was withdrawn twice 3.29 + 3.29 dollars. I wrote to the seller that I only need one set of balancing wires. And I do not need a second set-I ask you to return to me 3.29 by mistake of the system. The seller did not react to my letter Two days after my letter wrote to me that my request was rejected and sent me another set that I do not need. That's why I opened the argument. I again ask you to return my money in the amount of 3.29 dollars. Such sellers should be punished for such an attitude towards buyers.