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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for aiboully ipad
Simple but perfect! only thing is you have to be careful that the laptop doesn't fall off when opening the lip. But it has solved my problem. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you :)
Absultely USELESS the way it is when you send it. when you put a small tablet or a phone in the bracket they will not stay in the position you set them. The reason is obvious -- the end of the sliding tube is too slippery to hold the bracket inthe position it is set. SOLUTION -- get a small file or dremel tool and cut small grooves(teeth) in the plastic end and place a papersticker on the inside of the Clamp(this may need to be replaced now and then if you keep changing the postion). When done, the small teeth will grip the paper sticker and thus hold your phone in place. regards bert
Amazing bag! Got a lot of compliments. Bag is aa shown on photo. Nice material, color and zipper is ok. Bag is very gorgeous, not only as laptop bag but also as normal one