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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for air pump sunsun
Awesome pump! Battery takes over when the power from the charger is cut, even when the pump is turned off! This way it allows it to function as a back-up without having to be the primary pump. Battery automatically recharges as required, and it looks like it will give preference to using AC power when running. Have used it over an eight-hour period during a power cut and there was plenty of battery life left on the indicator. Good air pressure, two separate compressors I think. Overall extremely happy with this pump!!! Highly recommend.
Perfect battery back-up pump. Has a feature to be on standby topping up battery without pumping air, then will start pumping air if it detects the power source is disconnected. Fantastic for safety in ensuring oxygen supply for power cuts. Overall delivery is about 6lph so not a lot of air, but enough to run a couple or three stones comfortably. I now have three of these, highly recommended.