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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for amplifier in mic
Well made cable, looks very cool. The 3 pin connections are fine. One issue: the end connectors are coated, there is no contact to other cables via the connectors, only the pins. If you depend on the connectors for grounding the shield, your ground may remain unconnected. Seller was very good about working with me on the issue until we figured it out, great customer service!
I am very satisfied. The cable is just as expected. I will note though that it was very tightly packaged in a small envelope and it kinked the cable at many places and it is hard to get it straight again. I don't like being picky, but let's be honest, we all bought this cable for its looks :)
I only just tested it by supplying 5V to the black and red leads and checking with an oscilloscope on the white lead that it indeed carries a signal. So seems to work. Thanks! Good price too.