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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for aux vention
Product seems good quality, but it's delivering time is critical, especially taking account the Polish State Post unaccepted activity: I had NOT BEEN INFORMED with ANY form, that items are placed in the Polish Post hands. Just tracing details had driven me to know, that the parcel is placed in local post at June 19. NO AVIZO had been delivered to my home address, even if official notes assured post office, that the two avizos was delivered. I think, that some developments ought to be checked finding the PROPER and reliable items local suppliers. Normally parcels are payed to be delivered door to door, not forcing clients to search, WHERE each pacel could be palced by unknown supplier. In spite of troubles, I finally had found the parcel using my privately efforts, WITHOUT ANY formal supplier's activity and ordered product's feasibilities are as it was expected.