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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for الخيزران حفاضات إدراج
These are wonderful! The inserts have a good shape which helps prevent leakage on the sides and they are able to absorb a LOT of fluids so keep my baby comfortable for quite a while.
Shipping was slow on this one for some reason, but i absolutely love these inserts! The waterproof layer on the back is awesome, and they even fit in my newborn cloth nappies. They are very absorbent as well. The only qualm is that they do not draw moisture away from baby’s skin very well- so they will need some kind of synthetic liner over the top, which is fine.
I purchased these due to being able to choose the designs i wanted. They arrived bang on time. I had purchased a similar nappy from 'oh baby ka' with the same description in regard to material so assume these are pretty much the same nappy. little disappointed as 1 design I chose was not what I asked for however the designs are all as pictured and very cute. I would have expected a message to choose another if what I wanted wasn't available tho. on first look, 5 nappies have a different sewn-in insert then the others and material doesn't as what I have