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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for banbao lego
Excellent product on its own, however not 100 % compatible with Lego Duplo as the blocks differ in hieght with the duplo blocks , these ones are higher thus sometimes they pose a challenge when mixed with the Duplo blocks. On a personal level I wish there were two worm gears included as there are two casings for the gearbox supplied, as well as supplying the blocks in even numbers ( just as extras ) as I feel majority of builds require pairing but this is just a personal preference.
neat little motor and bi-directional control. would definitely by another. has a bit of torque at a lower speed. would recommend. the only problem is that it requires 6 x AA batteries. you should make a USB li-poly rechargeable version. or one that is USB computer controlled or Wi-Fi app enabled. that would be more awesome
Very good and quick seller, even with standard shipping. The product is very good, the plastics are quite different from the LEGO ones but they are effective. The sticker received is black instead of white. Recommended.