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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for battery for ebook
Product was the model advertised and shipped extremely quickly (arrived within a week). There is a pixel in the bottom right corner that is shiny however after a month of using it, you forget about it. The contrast is not as high as I would have liked (text is a dark grey instead of black) which can make it difficult on the eyes, however this is an issue with the Paperwhite models; the Voyage and Oasis models fix this; so in hindsight I should have gotten one of them as my eyesight is not that good. That all said. As seen by the pictures, this is a great device. The paperwhite models also have some shadowing from the backlights at the bottom, which can be distracting, which is visible in darker conditions - again this is a Paperwhite issue that the Voyage and Oasis models address. As this is my only Kindle, I cannot comment on whether or not the page turns of this 32gb model are in fact faster than the other models.