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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for أسود قفاز
Excellent quality. I received my gloves on 24072018 and I bought it online on 26062018. Totally recommended. Although my size is S and I was wrong and I requested M. It's a little bit big but not so much. Next time I'll buy in size S. Thank you very much!
Beautiful pair of long leather gloves made out of supremely soft genuine leather & best of all, truly touch screen compatible. I will admit to being doubtful of seller’s claim that it would work with my iPhone but it does indeed! What a great relief to not have to remove my gloves in the freezing cold, whenever I need to use my phone’s touch screen. ALLELUIA!
Perfect gloves. I am satisfied with the purchase. Appearance of gloves as it shown on the product's photos. I gave 5 stats to it. This delivery was very fast (11 days). Very simple package, but product of high quality inside it. I will continue to shop at this store.
I was lucky enough to get two pairs of gloves made-to-measurements for a very reasonable fee. And I am very (!) happy with the results. The seller gave amazing service, and with such good products + craftmanship + materials I can safely recommend purchasing from this store.
Beautiful luxury stunning gloves made of genuine sheep skin The seller is very honest shipped my gloves same day it was ordered. I made 3 purchases previously from this store Thank you very much.