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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for الأسود ووتش
Hi, I will try to contact you too: I need a thinner strap.not 5mm thick but 3 mm. Do you have that? [I posted on this atforums.watchuseek.com with the keywords leica-speeddial-watch.] hope this helps you give an answer albert
Awesome quality watch buckles at a really reasonable price. While these show up as being gold plated stainless steel in the Description, they are in fact Solid Brass, which is far better in my book, as gold plating will wear off over time, while Solid Brass retains its gold colour if polished or will gain Patina with time and use. Anyone who's trying to match it to a Bronze/Brass Diver's Watch like I was, these Skull Buckles are a must! Unfortunately, my initial order was messed up (only 1 buckle was sent, instead of 3) and when I brought this to the Seller's attention, they said they'd send me the missing buckles, but I had to pay an extra $3 usd for Shipping. I ended up opening a dispute, at which time the Seller was quick to send the missing buckles and stayed in contact to make sure that everything was sorted to my satisfaction. While it was a rocky start, the fact is you can't get this sort of quality anywhere, at this price point, so I'll give the Seller another go!
This store is located in a region where exports are popular. Items were shipped from the store quickly. As a result, the goods arrived at my hand in 7 days and 11 hours after I ordered. It is one of the fastest records. Great.
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