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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bodysuit for women
Shipping was fast. Received around 2-3 weeks from ordering. Quality was as described. Only thing is the breast section is smaller than expected. Will upload pics..just lazy right now. Lol!!! It is worth the money for sure. Good buy!
received this in less than a week . it is due to size and the quality is AMAZING. this is definitely one of my go to stores! i’ll post some pics this week
so pretty I love it! not rly sewn that well tho but I didn't expect it to be for this price. still looks acceptable :) yay. oh one thing it comes with these metal things to put at the end of the strings to prevent fraying. but it only provides for one string, even though you get two strings per body suit. so ya it's missing a set. you can get them from a craft/fabric store.