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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for مربع الغيتار
The seller sent the kalimba box very quickly and it was quite fast delivery, Box itself is fine. But I have a disappointment as I thought I was buying actual kalimba in a box and not just a box. Translation to Russian was bad, and photos with Kalimba inside the box were very confusing. I think to avoid this seller needs to use pictures with no kalimba inside. :( I planned this to be a birthday present, but now everything is ruined as i have to order again and it is late. I am not spoiling seller's rating, but decided to share my story just in case there is someone else as inattentive as me.
I recieved a product with fails, that i can not correct, but I messaged the seller with proof pictures, and they send me back the money. The product was not good unfortunately, it had the holes in the wrong place. But they communicated well with me, and gave a refund, so thank them for it.