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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bralett bralet
The bralette mostly resembles the picture shown, not exactly the same. It says in the descreption that its a push up bra, but its not. Its soft all around, nice for having something to cover the boobies under the shirts and dresses and such, but it doesn't have any kind of firmness to push anything anywhere. In the picture it looks as the squishy part at the front has a more triangular shape but its circular, doesn't itch, doesn't have any odor. Neverthless they are nice, and pretty, and i am happy with them. Came in 2 and a half weeks, which is fairly fast for Aliexpress.
It's very nice and super comfy, a steal for the price! Inserts are not nearly as bad as i expected, they work and don't look ridiculous. However, I wear it without the inserts most of the time. I have to say this bra is not very supportive and is kind of on the loose side, I usually wear size S, have small breasts and I can barely feel this bra hugging me, it's pretty large and stretchy. But I don't need much support so I love it! Perfect for chilling at home and casual wear, very comfy and cute.