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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bras for women size 40d us
good qaulity not good sizing I'm a d n in case ordered dd but this is like a size c or less .nice fabric good quality but def if your a DD or a DD maybe order largest size g I'm given it to a friend Instead.shes a c.
very nice bra, four hooks on wide rear strap. Shapes toward the cleavage, holds breasts high. wife says it's comfortable, the lace covering is nice if a bit loose. nice bra.about three weeks to Florida.
5***** seller and 5***** service, this seller went above and beyond for me as not only was I in a hurry for the outfit, which got here superfast, but I wasn't sure of the size to get either, I required a 36c so the seller recommended the 38b, this was a little small, so I would recommend you bear this in mind and maybe get a bigger size :) but I am not complaining as it isn't always easy to get this right for anyone! we managed to make an adjustment to get a fit anyway, so it all worked out well in the end, lovely outfit and seller was brilliant thankyou for an excellent service I highly recommend this seller and this outfit, beautiful :) It would be really great if all Chinese sellers brought in the larger sizes for us sometimes larger western ladies :)
The size fits perfectly, the workmanship is great. I really like the material, it is a very nice bra, I will definitely order again and more. From now on you will be my favorite bra shop <3