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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for براون الباروكة ذيل الحصان
Wig is very nice quality and the colour is nice. Clips seem of good quality but I can’t quite figure out how the bat wings sit just yet because the wig cap doesn’t have any holes and the pin goes with the direction of the hair so I haven’t figured out how to anchor it. Overall very nice!
I love the hair!! The sellers communication was good. I ordered the 18" bleached the knots and dyed the hair. I did get some shedding but it's most likely from me dyeing and bleaching. Will buy again!! I recommended to several coworkers and friends who loved my hair. Thanks again
the hair is not too shiney, natural looking and soft and thick enough to not be see through. the clips need a bit of arranging to cover the actual clips but they're pretty thick and quite good otherwise! overall a great wig, would recommend
The wig is really nice! It doesnt shed and the pigtail clip ons are super thick and bouncy! I only give it 4 stars because the pigtails are way more curly irl, but idk what I expected ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The pigtails arent too long, but when you straighten them at a low heat setting they turn out to be decent. Over all, its a great wig! First pic is w/ the left pigtail styled and the second unstyled, second pic is me in cosplay w/ the wig fully styled.
So the wig I got was lovely! It didn't shed that mcuch hair, and the ponytails fitted nicely (although the clips for them were another colour than the hair, so pretty visible even if I tried to cover them). But the wig was slightly darker than in the picture and almost had a reddish tint to it.