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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for c81
It’s a mini, therefore is small. But don’t let that fool you, because it is very functional. Quality construction with aluminum body. Single action button deploy with rear retraction rod. Sliding parts appear to be adequately lubricated. Fairly sharp out of the box. Bonus Kydex sheath fits very well to serve as necklace carry. Overall an excellent value.
Ive bought a number of pieces from this supplier and they have consistently been high quality but I have to say I was a bit doubtful about this one given the price. It seemed too cheap to be a super high quality piece. That is not the case. This is an OUTSTANDING product and great value. It could have been a little sharper out of the box but that was taken care of very quickly with a few stokes on a stone and a light stropping. Highly recommended. Fast shipping too.
As always: perfection! A very strong operating knife, be careful when using for the first time. The lemmet (beautiful shape with lasered in text) really bursts out. Once used to it it’s great. Fast delivery, good packageing, great box. Recommended. Keep an eye on Jufule, I do. High quality for great price setting.
I have not used it for long, but from a couple of tests, it seems to be a very good product. Also, the sheath fuctions well. I will test it more and leave more feedback if there is anything to report.
Delivery: My order was shipped 3 days after my order was placed. It took 2 weeks and a half to arrive in Canada. — Packaging: Item came in a simple box and plastic wrap. The knife was in perfect condition. There was no damage caused by shipping. — Initial Impressions: the knife came very well sharpened. The Kidex sheath is ok, nothing special. The knife has a very nice stone wash finish, and it has some nice jimping on the spine. Edges of the knife are rounded up on the handle which is a nice touch. Overall, I’m very satisfied. I recommend this item.