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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cable case iphone charger
A a great backup battery. Two things really stand out about it. -It fits on my iPhone 6s, even though I use a case (the seller provides 2 slim cases) -It charges with a lightning cable. This is awesome, because as an iPhon/ iPad user I have a ton of lightning cables... in the car, desk drawer, backpack... I don't need to hunt down a micro USB cable like a lot of other power banks use. I can use one of the many cables that are around anyways.
Ordered on 22.7. Received on 3.8. in less than 2 weeks! Amazing! The stickers for the USB plug were too wide and had to be cut to size. The organizer is cute, but emits a terrible smell. In the pictures in the product details it seems as if the protectors can be used on their own, so I used the cord wrapper for my earphones, since it entangles all the time, but my charging cable doesn't. Things to note: 1. The wrapper is 40 cm too short to wrap all cords. 2. The cable end protecters by themselves are not tight enough to stay in place. They turn around themselves and get easily pushed down the cable. You need a cord wrapper to make the cable thick enough for it to stay in place. 3. Once the hard plastic part is assembled, it's very hard to disassemble it. I messaged the seller and he gave me the tip to use a tweezer. 5 stars for the quick reply! -1 star, because of the terrible smell.