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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for شاحن سيارة سريعة
Very good magnetic holder It arrived super fast (two weeks to Israel) packed very well as you can see and with a little red present (which is always nice). It arrived with instructions both in English and Chinese with two clear tapes, a ring for a better magnetic hold a USB cable and of course the unit itself. The unit is easily installed on an air vent with the button designed for it. The phone holds well also on a bumpy road. The charging works well. With the phone on with Waze and a phone call the phone's battery percentage went up. I would totally recommend this unit to anyone who asks.
Item arrived a lot sooner than expected. Beautiful box. The magnetic charger is a bit larger than I thought it'd be but not too big. I've got a Galaxy S7 and the phone is only slightly wider that the charger so it's a perfect fit. It's beautiful, well made and the overall quality is great same as all the other stuff I've bought from this seller. It has a good grip on the vent grid and the magnet is very strong so it does NOT slip off the grid NOR does the phone slip off of it and the QI charging works beautifully. It heats up a bit but that's true for all QI chargers I've tried so far. I only wish it came with additional metal rings so I could place one on my mom's and another on my boyfriend's phone and maybe the rings could come in black also so it'd look more discrete on the back of my black phone. In summ I'm very satisfied with my purchase.