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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for سيارة orico
These are hooks. You can use them to hook stuff. In your car. But I also tried them inside the house and they also seem to function there. Amazing. They are made from rubber or otherwise it's some alien material. But I think it's rubber. They look sturdy enough to hang big heavy shopping bags or a small horse. Like, a pony. Really small pony.
Shortly after ordering I was informed the black one had sold out. I could get refunded, or go for the silver/metallic one. It became the latter which I've been using for a day now and I must say this product is perfect. My Pixel 2 phone says it's "quick charging" and in spite of having a CPU-heavy, GPS-using app running while driving my charge went from 28 to 79% in about 40 minutes. During this time the plug didn't warm up or anything. There's a blue led somewhere in the top face, but its light gets considerably diffused so it's not like you have a blue floodlight in the center console. Product took 2.5 weeks to arrive, which is fairly standard.
The Quick Charge DOES look like it is shown on the seller's site, is manufactured perfectly. I have not tried to use it as quick charge gadget cause the stciker inside the box informed iPhone/iPad was not supported. Nevertheless, there is no regret about the purchase.
Excellent device! I am very satisfied with the sound quality. I also didn't notice any gain loss - the audio is loud and clear. Most of the other bluetooth devices have high gain loss which leads to cranking your volume just to get to a decently loud sound level. This one is perfect. Buy with confidence! Recommended!