What is the most popular Wallpaper? Definitely 3D Wallpapers.

Designed by special artistic carving or embossing technique, 3D Wallpapers feature in strong dimensionality, concave and convex touch and delicacy of details. If you’re looking for such Wallpapers that give you visual strong shock with modern and luxury design and pattern, do not hesitate to take a look at our 3D Wallpapers.

Brick Wallpapers for Your Stylish Home

People tend to use wallpapers to lighten up the whole space or highlight their special taste. For those prefer to create natural, vintage, or countryside environment, brick wallpapers are the best choice. Here at Aliexpress, we provide our customers with variety of brick wallpapers covering stone brick, wood brick and marble brick styles ideal for living room, bedroom, home bar, kid's room as well as every corner of your home.

Self-adhesive Wallpapers Save Money and Time!

Still bothered to stick wallpaper in the traditional way? Right now, it's not necessary to hire someone or buy the wallpaper paste anymore. Quick and easy to install, without leaving any residue after removed, self-adhesive wallpapers will surely spare your efforts and money. Shop our self-adhesive wallpapers with combination of advanced technique and eco-friendly materials.

Floral Wallpapers Give You A Perpetual Spring!

Want to make your space unique and stand-out? Why not choose our floral wallpapers? Here, you can find a wide range of wallpapers with colorful and delightful floral patterns that bring you the touch of nature and create a vivid vibe to your lifestyle. Just bring your home to its full beauty and elegance with our collections!

Vinyl Wallpapers

When you select wallpapers, what matters the most? Of course, it's safety! With strong texture and air permeability, Vinyl Wallpaper fulfills your expectation as it is non-toxic, thick and sturdy, resistant to water, oil and dust. Visit Aliexpress and find the perfect Vinyl Wallpapers!