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Why do you need to buy a baby monitor?

When preparing for the arrival of a new baby, you might be wondering, ‘Do I really need to buy a baby monitor?’ You’ve read all the best baby monitor reviews, scoped out some great baby monitor sales and looked at several video baby monitors, WiFi-enabled baby monitors and more. But still, there are already so many things to get for the baby, and it can be hard to know ahead of time which ones are really important.

For many mothers, though, video baby monitors are a great way to get that peace of mind. Besides ensuring your baby’s safety at all times, infant baby monitors free you up to get other things done or even just to get a breather.

As an added bonus, infant baby monitors are not only for babies. WiFi-enabled baby monitors are also great for young children, who may be too young to go unsupervised. Baby monitor cameras help parents keep an eye on playtime, break up fights and more!

Features to consider before shopping at a baby monitor sale online

You might be surprised by just how many features a typical baby monitor has. Many of AliExpress’ top selling infant baby monitors are priced between US $15-75, though the final price is usually lower after deals and special promotions. In that price range, features typically include :

- ~853ft transmission distance

- Night vision

- Built-in lullabies

- 2-way audio

- Multi-language support

- VOX Mode

What is VOX Mode?

VOX mode is new to some buyers, but many user recommendations and baby monitor reviews point to it as a key feature. VOX Mode, or Voice Activated Mode, conserves battery by putting the infant baby monitor into sleep mode when your child is resting peacefully. The mic stays on and if your baby cries or makes any other sound, the baby monitor camera turns on and alerts you. So if you’re looking to buy a baby monitor, look out for this function built-in.

There’s always more to love on AliExpress

In addition to the online sales on baby monitors on AliExpress, you can also find offers on other baby items. Baby monitor shops, for example, often have deals on infant baby monitor mounts to secure the monitors.

Keep an eye on your baby and buy the best baby monitor sale online

When shortlisting your favorite baby monitors online, always be sure to read through all baby monitor reviews to make an informed choice. Also remember that AliExpress not only offers a variety of promotions, but you can also enjoy free shipping and free return when you shop for your next video baby monitor or WiFi-enabled baby monitor. If you’re a new user, then you’re in luck – you can enjoy some US$0.01 deals too!