Keep calm & shop for homecoming dress!

Here’s the plan: you want to feel like a star without burning a hole in your pocket. So it’s important to start dress-hunting as early as possible. Anyway, window-shopping is the best way to spend the weekend with gal pals, right? At the same time, it would be wise to consider the silhouette that hugs your body in the right places. Plus, a homecoming dress is not complete without perfect skin and make-up. Easier said than done, we recommend that you start these simple steps 4 months before the big event… Everything will be perfect!

The dress

We cannot stress this enough - popular styles run out really quickly so it’s 110% important that you know the type of prom dress you’re looking for. Paying attention to red carpet celebrities at the Oscars would be a good place to start, or even picking up an edition of Seventeen Prom and Teen Vogue is the way to go. In fact, research your brains out! There are so many inspirational ideas near you and around you. Be it online or mobile apps, it’s hard to stop swiping. Pinterest has tons of art boards that display awesome complete looks, and the AliExpress Instagram account (@aliexpress.official) will be sure to give you some ideas of great color combos and the latest trends.

The fit

There’s no way we’re looking our second best on prom night; we’re aiming for Prom Queen and it’s going to take more than just a piece of cloth over our body. Speaking of body, the perfect prom dress is one that accentuates your curves in the best light possible. Ladies, let’s face it - we all have imperfections, but we have great assets that we can use to our advantage. For instance, if you have wide shoulders, flaunt them with simple, asymmetrical cuts to channel your edgy side. If you’re an apple-shaped kind of gal, try off-shoulder A-line dresses that show off that sexy neckline. If you’re petite, above-knee dress lengths and stilettos will do the trick, whilst busty and plus-size ladies can find a balance with empire waist dresses that work wonders for an hourglass illusion! At the same time, colors play a vital role in creating that perfect silhouette - and it doesn’t have to black! For instance, red is quite a popular color and if you break it down, there are several shades of red that fit different skin tones. So don’t assume pink isn’t going to look great on you - it’s just a matter of searching for the right hue.

The look

If you budgeted well, you’d still have some money left to spend on your hair and make-up getting done by a professional. Before you even think about heading out to the salon a few hours before prom, think again. Unless you’ve known this beautician since you were born, we’d advise keeping your options open and go in for a trial run. Sometimes, the pros need a heads-up of what they’re dealing with, too, so this extra step gives the both of you a chance to know each other’s style, skin, preference, your dress as well as other things. On the other hand, getting ready by yourself isn’t a bad idea either. You already know your skin better than anyone else and which color palette suits you best - what could go wrong? All you have to do is look up prom night looks that would go with your dress and probably find an excuse to explore the make-up bar at Sephora! It won’t be hard finding YouTube tutorials that teach up very detailed step-by-step make-up looks, but one thing we’d emphasize on are your brows, eyes and lips. These three parts tend to fade or lose their ‘shine’ over time, so fill in those brows, thicken your eyeliner and prime your lids before applying any eye shadow on for a lasting effect. Bring along your lipgloss or mascara in case of an emergency, it might just save your night!