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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for رقاقة id48
Good quality, works perfect. Pairing the central lock to the remote controller was easy. I didn't tried the ID48 chip, because I replaced it with a programmed chip from the old key.
One of the microswitches from my old key broke and as you know the original key is glued down, so you need to cut it to gain access to the circuit board. I was not able to put the original key back together after I've cut it, so I wanted to see if the case/shell of one of these keys can replace the original one. IT DOES! I moved the chip and the circuit board from the original key in this one, they fit perfectly! The car locks/unlocks/starts perfectly. The parts of the key clip together nicely, it has a solid feel, good quality. The downsides are that this key is not weatherproofed as the original one, and the buttons seem to be painted plastic (maibe?). But overall I am very happy with the product. Almost the same quality as the original but at a 10th of the price.
Fast delivery, quality close to the original, battery to set was exhausted, I have not yet connected the key to the car because I do not know if it will work, Thanks to the seller !!!