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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for computer game video card
Well balanced sound, but just that! Nothing special. Poor sound with some audible distortion in the bass. I have heard better sounding headphones in that price but not with radio neither with player included! You can't have everything in that price! Here they give you more than you could have asked but with compromises. If you need all that and you don't have enough money to spend, just get them! If your first priority is the sound get something else...
Product as ordered, a nice fast pc, decent price although on the higher part of what's offered on AliExpress, considering the hardware it is more than fair. Temperature should be kept under supervision because this CPU has 4 cores and is rated as a 45w thermal output, so it is actively cooled (by a small on board fan (that will have to be inspected and cleaned periodically). All in all this is a higher end mini pc and I like it a lot . Recommended !!!