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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for اللاسلكي سماعة
Earphones are amazing, they look great in ear and connect very easily. Sound is not amazing, but it is good. We'll see if the connectivity is good after some use, will test them out in the gym tonight. The item also arrived extremely fast, in under 14 days, and i live far away. Overall a great great buy for me, cheers.
I got this product for going to gym. It is very small and nice. I like its design that there is no cable between two ears, just fell nothing when I am running, which is my most favorite part of the product. I don t like the other bluetooth headphones there is a cable between two ears, which annoys me a lot. This product got a very good design, and very easy to charger, which showed in pictures. It works perfect to me. I will definitely recommend it to all my gym buddies.
Seller recommended, item received as described. Im not sure when calling with person, only 1 headphone is working. Is that normal? For that reason, im giving it 4 star. Price also worth to pay! Thankyou.