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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for دلتا الأصلي
Very strong fan, also thicker than the normal one, in pc i reach 4000rpm whitch is impresive. I also had to solder the dell conection wire to normal 3pin fan connector but that was easy. Im running this fan on 40% with 2000rpm and when I need to cool my system when playing like BF1 I just increase the speed a bit. Overall my temperatures went down about 10 to 20 degrees on procesor whitch is amazing. When you want fan like this into your pc you need to think of where that is comming from, my case front holes wasnt enought and the air was pulled from behind whitch causes heat air cycling inside so i need to make a hole in front panel, i filled it with steel mesh and dust filter and im ok now. 100% value for price very satisfied
There is some "deep fan sound" but this fan is really powerful (and heavy) so it's understandable. Shipping was really fast and packaging is on a 5+ star level. Fully recommendation to this product and this store!
Very well packaged and proteged. The delivery is faster than i was expecting ( 5 day before ) Nice seller, good communication. And the more important : IT WORK ! I recommend this product ! ( The picture is after the opening so i've put out the fan out the bubble warp ! )