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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for disco dj bar lamp
I saw this new style moving heads with a ring of light around it. There are many types and this is 109 dollar, and it is the cheapest I have seen. 2,5 times more, with 3 rings and gobo show I also seen. This 109 dollar unit is really bang for the buck! Seems reasonably well built, and functioning 100%. It competes with similarly priced 60 watt gobo moving heads. This one is bright and colorful and fun! For the mobile DJ on a budget, 2 of these paired with a SUNY laser in the roof and a couple of par cans with hex LEDs, will be perfect, and punch well over its price! There is better out there, but for the price, this is a definitive winner! Customer support was also good here! Attentive and helpful! Thumbs up for Shehds store, and this product!