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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for display gt
thank you so much for the fast delivery. I have yet to use your product. But ap;appreciate the fast delivery. As well, the box was a little damaged but in general very satisfied with customer support and service.
Arrived earlier. Been using it for 2 weeks now. Good packaging with hard protection boards on the 2 sides. We are first time users and are very happy with the performance. We should have paid more attention to applying the protective layer, some bubbles are under it now, our mistake and we can probably still fix that. The overall housing is OK, a more expensive brand will probably give you a better feeling about design and materials used (but that is only an opinion about esthetics). Good buy!
I received it two days ago? The packaging quite messy for the box...and it's upside down from the brown box... The service is quite good, thank you Eva I made video of this...but it's quite haevy for me...neverthless good product, I'm still not yet try it, but I had bought h640p the cheapest from huion, and it's good although something come up and little disturbing, anyway I'll give 4 stars only cz I'm not quite happy for the packaging itself...it's messy...
Very fast delivery service. Besides the huion pen case's magnet didn't stick properly, it's in a very good condition. Recommend everyone to have this, if don't have enough money for wacom cintiq. Slightly dissatisfied with the screen quality. Other than that, it's a pretty good product in terms with the cost.
The product was as advertised. Value for money. The driver could use some work but otherwise a very satisfactory product. lets see how long this tablet lasts. I do wish the store on this app had accessories, like screen protectors, and adaptors for this product, I do need to order them.