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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for حوض اللاسلكية
Item is like in description. The shipping was very fast, only 10 days to Netherlands. Thanks seller for fast delivery and good service! The charger is shipped in a cardboard box and you get a charging cable with it. Overall I am happy with the purchase and advice the seller. Will write additional feedback about charging times and performance of the charger
Charging is excellent. My S7 charges well. Looks very stylish. Only one problem through the Puregear bumper does not break, but this is not a charging problem. Through an original book it charges perfectly. I did not communicate with the seller. The track was tracked.
Works well. It's small, so on large phones you have to be sure you place them properly for the coils to line up. However, the led changes color when charging so I know when it's placed right, so I don't have to fiddle with it and wait for my phone to indicate charging (which takes a few seconds, the led on the charger is instant). I also like that the power cord is separate and connects with a standard micro USB, so it's no problem if you need a longer cord and if the cord is damaged, you don't need to replace the whole thing. If you're looking for a wireless charger, there's no reason you'll regret this one.
Now I can charge my compatible Galaxy smartphones, and other Qi-compatible devices, without the need to plug my phone directly in to a wall charger or USB port. Simply connect the wireless charging pad to a power source and place my phone onto the charging pad and my phone begins to charge automatically. Amazing!!
Fast delivery. Nicely packed in carton box. Delivered with microUSB cable (this one a bit too short/useless to me). Green light (no too bright) when charging (up to 1.5A ar 5V), would better be red/orange. Blue and light Blue half full/fully charged, should be green (so is the opposite). Fast charging.