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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for المزدوج سادة
These are narrow bore, and decent quality. In terms of fit, wasn't able to get the right fit with either size. Guess, will have to stick with spinfits maybe, for myself. (Awaiting order for Spiraldots). Symbio tips (W or normal) both had similar issues as well
The item itself is well made, and comes packaged wonderfully. Shipment was extremely quick compared to most China to US orders I've placed. My one small complaint is on myself, as I assumed by the name and description that they offered faceplates with W30, W40, W60, etc. I was told by the very nice seller that these only come with "W60" on them. Nevertheless, it will fit on all of the mentioned models. Quality, service, and communication is top notch! Cheers!