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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for each gamer
I did not expect it to be so fast. Quality is excellent for their money. In stores the same is sold at times more expensive. Everything is glowing and working. In the dark it looks generally coo
Excellent product! It came 12 days. The seller sent quickly. The product corresponds to the description, Good wired mouse, Good headphones, everything works fine. It was neatly packed in a bag.
My headset was delivered on time and in perfect condition.(I live in Europe) It is very comfortable to wear and the sound is good! I can recommend this headset , I am very satisfied with my purchase.
it is very good for the price but you need a splitter for the cable otherwise you won't be able to use it properly because if you put the jacked in it wil only use the speakers or the mic also the quality of the mic and speakers wil be way better if you use a splitter