Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for electron load
The load works well. What I do not like from it! It is how to adjust the limit all about one button and multiple clicks, which make it not useful if you change often of battery type... Would probably not buy more because of it. Setting a voltage limiter is kind of a challenge. Shipping was fast! The box was squashed but the module does not seem to have suffered from it. Seller should re-enforce side of the box with an additional side of cardboard inside to make the box more resilient to crush. But if you do not expect to need limitation of discharge voltage. The load is perfect. The current adjustment are fine and smooth. Would recommend if you are not intending to use different voltage limiter.
It was 8 days to deliver to Japan (home). It was shipped on the order day and was very good impression. Goods were not problematic in appearance and performance. It was good as a result of load testing on our own 5V3A power board. Thank you for a good item.
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