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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for external battery charger for smart phone
Item took 5 business days or 7 total days ship to North Carolina USA from New Jersey warehouse. The item was only packaged in a plastic non-padded envelope and the box inside was crushed. The product was not damaged. The charger seems to charge an iPhone 6s pretty quickly after the charger battery was charged with a wall adapter. The charger sat out in the sun for 6 hours and charged the phone with no problems. The solar charger is nice looking and feels solid and of quality. My main issues are trying to understand its operation due to the poor English language written on box and in the instruction booklet. Also you basically need a microscope to read the teeny tiny writing in the instruction book. I like the product but will look at other similar products with better English instructions to source for my online store.
Excellent Product. Arrived in perfect new condition and I turned it on and it worked right away... the batteries were already about half charged so I just had to plug it in for a few hours to top it off. Solar cells begin charging as soon as they are exposed to even the smallest amount of light... comes with clips and fasteners so you can hang it from your pack pretty easily. I can charge my smartphone twice from 0% to 100% when external battery is fully charged.