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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for extra usb
Beautiful Keyboard!!! It is low profile, the whole keyboard is about 2cm in height. It has blue backlight with lots of various lighting patterns. Also, the software allows you to do Macros and other useful things. You can customize which keys are backlit, refresh rate, delay, and even assign functions to keys (open a certain program on keypress for example) Mechanical switches are very good, not too loud, but responsive and have a short (feels good) travel distance. Package is good and no damage to the keyboard box, shipping to one and a half week.
Took the normal few weeks to arrive in NZ. Was a bit worried when it didn't look like my other NodeMCU units in that they have the 8266 mounted on top with track for antenna and this one is incorporated on the board. I couldn't see antenna track, but have just uploaded some code and it finds my wifi and responds as expected. Excellent! Was supplied sealed in static sensitive bag. I wanted a Node MCU with no pins installed for a project and this is perfect. Will get more when I need them.
I ordered two additional car chargers for my N2 and they are exactly as described. They arrived in perfect condition and shipment to Germany was very fast (only 10 days!). I'm very satisfied and this is great value for money so I'd order again from this dealer anytime.