Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for العدسة ل تلسكوب
I'm impressed! It's everything I wanted in a 4mm eyepiece. Unlike your typical 4mm Plossl, you get good eye-relief and a wide field of view. Looking @ Jupiter, image quality was on par with my workhorse Meade 4000 Zoom (retails $60 USD), both used on my XT8. This eyepiece was actually more comfortable to use (again, a little better eye-relief and wider view) vs the Meade's 6mm. You can also apparently adjust the eyecup up and down if you're worried about gunking up the glass with your eye. However, I do have one gripe: the large cap for the eyepiece doesn't stay on. It isn't flush with the actual eyepiece so it falls off and dust can easily get inside if you don't put the eyepiece in the box. That all said, I live in an urban area so I'm pretty much limited to the moon and the planets - if you're in my situation you shouldn't hesitate grabbing on of these over a standard Plossl.
Excellent, very solid eyepiece. Very comfortable to use with great eye relief. Came with rubber dust covers and purple filter as gift. Not had a chance to test at night due to weather. Daytime use is fine. 9 days delivery to UK. Highly recommended seller.
Very bright and clear image. Ony tried in daytime so far as weather is tEyepiece rather large and heavy - very solid, but requires thumbscrews to be really tight to stop it falling out. 14 days delivery to UK. Highly recommended seller.