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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fail secure drop
As described. No real docs though - the sticker on the housing has chinese and one of the schematics includes wire colours not present on the device. My order was for fail secure type. BROWN wire was not documented - this is the trigger (a mere pulse of 12V will open the lock), which will hold until the magnetic plate has been in place per the 0/3/6 second selector switch). White-blue has continuity lock is unlocked, and White-yellow has continuity if the lock is locked. However, "locked" does not mean that the pin is fully extended - just that is isn't fully pulled in. The pin is solidly in place when fully extended - you cannot manually push it inward - it is not "pushed" out forcibly, but rather "released" - so can remain retracted but springy until a receiver hole presents, where In my case, I'm adapting these for a sliding door, and this is a useful attribute.