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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for الأولى مشوا لحرية الملاحة
Product is adorable and does not really smell. The fur does not come off easily but can definitely trap dust so be vary of it and store in a dust free place (inside a box etc) The bottom was stuck with a double sided tape and I believe it could be improved, maybe w a better glue or something but then people would prolly complain about chemicals esp since the product is for babies so I’m fine w the way it is. Ordered on 9/7 and came on 31/7 which is 3 weeks and 1 day. ETA was 7/8-22/8 so shipping wise I’m happy.
Pretty shoes. Arrived within 2 weeks in canada. It's just a little wide but I am Happy with my purchase. I gave 4 star to store service because I asked some question about delivery and I did'nt get back any reply from them.